Abril 5, 2017

Training with Barcelonacoolhunter Dafne

Training with bcncoolhunter, Dafne, from bcncoolhunter is a great experience,

1st thing is that she doesnt need to do a lot a cardio, so our sessions arent so focused on cardio. You can tell from the pictures that she is tall and slim like a model.

2nd is that her flexibility and her mobility aren t bad for a person that spend a lot of hours sitting.

3rd is that she has good margin to improve because she didn t do much exercise recently.

4th is that because she walk on a daily basis, her legs perform well.

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Abs exercise – Tuck up

But now lets go to the goals she want to obtain with our training. She wants to tone her muscles and improve her posture. We can and we will make measurements to see if her body changes but I like to convert this goals into more motivational ones, the ones that you see  that you are improving,

So, I ve put this goals into exercises. We tested serveral bodyweight exercises like squats, push ups, rows and abs so we can see how she performs and we ll compare them in a month time.

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Upper body Exercise – Hinge Row

I believe that if you have a balanced life, if you improve your training you ll change your body. If not, you still have this changes in your performance that will motivate you to go forward. Don t you? Comparing exercises can create this.

So this are some of  her results:

Inclined push ups: 3 reps

Hinge rows static: 45 seg

Squats: 30 reps

Tuck up: 23 reps

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Upper body exercise – Inclined Push Ups

Reasons to test

With this exercises what I want is to see is, according to her goals, how she performs on bodyweight exercises which are also compound movements. For instance:

Push ups, integrate upper body strength with abs strength in a pushing movement.

Hinge rows integrate upper body strength with back chain mobility, in a pulling movement.

Squats is a legs exercise and it puts into work legs, hip and back.

Tuck up is an abs exercise that I can see the strength she has on her abs appart from back chain mobility.

I could use more exercises but this ones give me enough information to see how se is an also to compare how she performs in one month time.

Program to achieve Goals

This is one of the parts that I enter and is neglected by most people.

To get better you have to program your sessions, weeks, months, trimestre and even years. Starting from the finish – what you want to achieve – we regress to the first session. We have to have in mind which physical capacity we want to focus on each session or exercise. Intensity, the time per exercise, rest time, etc, etc, are also important variables to considerate. We also have to have the same in mind but for the month and trimestre. This is the way you ll  be progressing without reaching a plateau.

Now we have to wait and it depend on training, nutrition, rest and willingness, but I ll bet she will perform way better in a month time. She has a good attitude and thats important.



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