Junio 12, 2019

10 pull ups in 10 weeks

10 pull ups

Do 10 Pull ups in 10 weeks

Pull ups in terms of upper body is one of the most bang for the buck exercises. Its an excellent exercise to build upper body strength and build muscle.

It builds big muscles such as lats and others as chest, upper back, biceps, triceps, forearms. Even abs and legs, depending how you do them.

Because they give you so much you should invest more in them, specially if you don´t have too much time to exercise and if your goals is to build muscle and lose fat.

If you aren´t able to do one pull up, that´s no problem. If you are not overweight I believe you can be able to do 10 pull ups in 10 weeks!

If your weight is your problem dont quit while reading. Doing them may help you lose weight because they help you to create lean muscle. Follow my advice and at the end of the this 10 weeks you ll be able to do at least one.

The process start assessing who many full pull ups you can do. So, use a neutral grip and pull yourself up until you raise your chin over the bar. After, go down and extend your elbows while you go down. That´s one repetition. Repeat until exhaustion.

To do 10 pull ups in 10 weeks you have to progress in volume and intensity. From 1 to 2 repetitions. From 2 to 3 repetitions. Each week add one pull up to your routine because at the end the time per set matters. Beside that intensity also matters. You can add extra weigth to your pull ups to make them harder so you increase your maximum pull capacity (1RM).

Besides working your specific movement, you also have to use other movement that will increase other muscles such as rhomboids and biceps. This are vital to move your body up. Biceps curls and rhomboids pulls should be in your week routine too. Specially in the same day as the pull ups.

Final tip to keep progressing is do more eccentric work than concentric. You have more strength in the eccentric phase so that´s where you can win reps. When you perform one pull up try to go down slowly and this will help you to push your limits even further.

At Workoutbcn Strength and Movement, we have years of experience in the development of strength and performance. Our workout routines are made with the intention of pushing yourself not forgetting the security that the injury prevention exercises will give you to continue your long path.

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