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Octubre 18, 2016

Muscle Up

Its comon nowadays to go to the gym and see people trying a muscle up. If not the in gym, you see people everyday while you are in facebook, youtube or instagram. So people go to the gym, grab a bar and try to do one Muscle up, but they simply can t. If they try to do a Muscle up on rings the results is even worst: nothing happens. Why is that so? Muscle up is a complex element where you should be able to do 3 things: vertical phase – pull ups and dips; have false grip strength and be able to make the transition between the pull and the dip.

Here you will learn how to do a Muscle up.

muscle up 2

Phase One: Pull-ups and Dips

To prepare yourself for this phase you have to be able to complete several repetitions of strick pull ups and dips. Strick mean, no momentum. To get the pull ups you should start with rows and after pass to pulls ups. Of course, body positions, repetitions and time are variables that will allow you to progress. To get the dips you should start with push ups and after dips will come. As well as with pull up, body positions, repetitions and time are important variables that will garantee success if well integrated into your program.

Full range of motion are key principles for every repetition. Without full range of motion in your pull ups or dips it would be impossible to get you to the point of the transition. To improve the strength on your pull ups and dips you can contact.

Phase Two: False-Grip Strength for Muscle up

Now that you have mastered pull ups and dips, it is time to build strength in your false grip. False grip is a kind of grip that will make it easier to get you on top of the rings. This grip also allows you to prepare your wrists, forearms and elbows to more advanced rings training. To learn the false grip, you should place the palm of your had above the rings and your wrist joint bent to approximately 90 degrees on top of the ring. After learning the position your should get mobility and strength with the hand like on this position. Rows and pull ups are a good way of practicing it,

Phase Three: The Transition for the Muscle Up

This is the last part of the Muscle Up that you should master before linking the entire one.  The transition is the movement that you do when you get from the top of your false-grip pull-up to the bottom of your dip and vice-versa. What we want here is to build the strength to perform this movement in a strict, controlled way with no momentum. I repeat, controled way. To perform a muscle-up transition properly, begin from the top of your false-grip pull-up. Keep the rings as close to the external part of the chest, make effort on your wrists in the false grip and firmly pull yourself into the bottom of your dip. You can repeat this movement in a controlled manner.

Here is one example of a strict Muscle

Your memo:

  1. Work the basics first. Master your full ROM pull-ups and dips before attempting muscle up work.
  2. Train your false grip so that your wrist, forearms and elbows are prepared for the load that you ll place on them.
  3. Prepare your transition by doing repetitions and building strength in the this phase.
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