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Unique approach by a personal trainer to get the results you want.

Gonçalo is a trainer that ll empower you to get the strength, flexibility and the body you have always wanted, to have better life and feel more confident.

Muscle & Strength Training

Gain strength and build muscle by combining a range of body weight and weight bearing exercises. I will teach you the perfect form.

Get into shape and lose fat

You’ll be challenged with a mix of different activities that will boost your metabolism. Nutrition plus a motivated workout ll help you to keep going.

Posture, Mobility & Flexibility

Improve your posture, mobility and stretch the muscles and tendons with a diverse program. I ll fully train you to feel better during daily and sports activities.

workoutbcn, personal trainer, barcelona, pullups rings

Using methods that had been proved to bring results,

Personal Trainer Gonçalo’s sessions can incorporate wide a range of activities to ensure the work of all muscle groups in a balanced, safe and sustainable manner.

Meet Gonçalo
Barcelona’s favourite personal trainer

Gonçalo has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years. In that time has trained a different range of athletes as well as daily Joe and Jane. Gonçalo’s philosophy is built on respect for the body, program structuring and a committed work ethic.

workoutbcn, barcelona, personal trainer, kettlebell swing
  • ‘Gonçalo is an excellent personal trainer. I have been working with him for eight months and have seen fantastic results in that time. Because of his efforts, I am well underway to recovering from various injuries that I have had problems with for many years, including one broken & one dislocated shoulder. Gonçalo is excellent at pushing me past perceived limits to get results and is very intuitive: we are constantly moving onto new exercises specific to each stage of my rehabilitation. A perfect combination of tough and encouraging and his easy going friendly personality make it a pleasure to train! I highly recommend Personal Trainer Gonçalo to anyone, especially those serious about training & rehabilitation.’


  • “I trained with Gonçalo for the better part of my last five years living in Barcelona, Spain. If I can describe my experience in a sentence, it would be Personal Trainer Gonçalo embodies change. As a result of his dedication to helping me become a better athlete, he retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. Gonçalo is consistent in his discipline, feedback and encouragement. He helped me achieve new skills and, in the process, not only became a better athlete but also an overall better person. His pillars go far beyond the gym, and I applied what he taught me – perseverance, hard work, testing my limits and go beyond them – on and off the gym.”


  • “I have been training with GG for more than a year now. Personal Trainer Gonçalo has deep knowledge of the body and wellness in general. His approach is a good balance between pushing one’s limits and listening to the body’s response. The fact that he’s fun makes each session even more enjoyable. Recommended!”


  • “After climbing Mt Aconcagua in Argentina in January 2013, it was clear that my fitness was not at an appropriate level. Upon my return I did some searching around for the best trainers in Barcelona and I came across ‘Personal trainer Gonçalo’. We started training around March 2013 and within a month I was feeling much stronger, fitter and more agile. My next expedition was Mt McKinley in Alaska, a much more technical and tougher mountain in more extreme conditions. As I stepped foot on the ice I felt different. My core was stronger, my respiratory system had a higher capacity and my back and joints were not aching like they used to. I towed a 30Kg sled with a 25Kg backpack across glaciers, .up steep ice faces, over rocky ridges and ultimately to the summit of North America and not once did I strain or struggle. I was the strongest on the expedition by far and every day I would quietly thank Goncalo for getting me into such good shape.”


  • “Gonçalo was my personal trainer during my gap year in Barcelona. I suffered from a slipped disc on my spine, due to inappropriate lifting. Thanks to Gonçalo very innovative, tailor made training program and his great knowledge and coaching, at the end of the 8 months, I haven’t just achieved to the body I was longing for many years, but I also gained a great flexibility. The best of all was, I got rid of my killing back pain.”


Q & A

Q1: What are the benefits of hiring a personal trainer?

Generally people hire a personal trainer because they want to lose weight, have their problems solved, accountability, and be pushed over their comfort zone. Personal training helps you to clarify which is the best way to reach your desired goals. A trainer is also a guide in this process reinforcing focus, discipline, motivation and inspiration.

Q2: Are your fitness plans personalized and based on a client’s specific goals?

Yes. Each client has their needs and receives a personalized plan based upon their goals. Goals could differ from becoming stronger, to looking good or to be healthy. The goal defines the plan, which defines what type of workout session you will follow.

Q3: With all of the fitness trends (CrossFit, FitBoxing, Bootcamp, Spinning, Core Training, Pure Barre, Zumba, etc.) how do you know which is the right type of workout for you?

Marketing as an huge effect on people but you know that fitness trends and diets have come and gone. They simply have their moment for 2-3 years and after they return to the position they deserve. The true is the basis have and will always work. Working hard in the gym, lifting weights, planning and maintaining focus in the kitchen, plus be consistent. That’s the key to get results. Of course, you have to be patient. I personally lean towards Mobility, Body weight and Weightlifting training because it emphasizes practical movements and I love them; Preventing injuries, teaching skills like low level gymnastics as well as Olympic Lifting is something I really enjoy doing and teaching.Yes. Each client has their needs and receives a personalized plan based upon their goals. Goals could differ from becoming stronger, to looking good or to be healthy. The goal defines the plan, which defines what type of workout session you will follow.

Q4:What are the things that you see people do in the gym incorrectly?

3 most common errors are bad form, lack of intensity and bad planning. Bad form occurs and it specially can hurt you in big movements like squats, deadlift, pulls and presses. Lack of intensity is the key to change the body. You simply have to pass your comfort zone, and people are generally working under or near this limit. Bad planning can make you not reach your goals and can also lead to injury. Generally, if you keep using daily the exercises that you like and you don’t need, in long term you will have to do the exercises that you don’t like and you need.

Q5: What should everyone be doing to get a bikini body?

You have to eat clean, reach the right intensity in workouts, drink water, have good rest moments, be happy and repeat it over and over.

Q6: Why working out with you is a good decision?

I ve always been passionate about exercise and helping people. After 10 years in the business I keep learning with the best presenters and trainers of the industry. I m constantly looking for better information as well as better forms to empower people. I plan, control training, give feedback, guide and support through this process. If you have any doubt, just call my number!
+34648730627. Is that simple!

I ll do my very best.

You can sweat in the gym or outdoors.

I can also move to meet your needs. In Barcelona there are severals parks where we can workout. Barcelona also have very good personal training centers. You can find me in Fisic.
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